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Explore the vibrant district of Alcântara, where the iconic 25 de Abril suspension bridge sets the stage for an unforgettable urban adventure. This bustling area, once a hub of traditional docklands, has blossomed into one of Lisbon's premier destinations for nightlife and gastronomic delights. Former warehouses have been reimagined into hip cafes, gourmet restaurants, and pulsating nightclubs, drawing a sophisticated crowd after sunset.

By day, Alcântara beckons with a tapestry of attractions, enticing travellers from the heart of Lisbon. Discover the historical roots of this locale, once nourished by a tributary of the river Tejo since ancient times. From the Romans' Horta Navia to the Arabic Al Qantara, the area's evolution is steeped in rich history and cultural significance.

MADABOUTLISBON.COM serves as your ultimate guide, offering insights on navigating this dynamic district, must-see sights, culinary delights, and top-notch accommodation tailored to your preferences. Uncover the allure of Alcântara, where past meets present against the breathtaking backdrop of the Tagus River.

Top Attractions of Alântara

25 de Abril Bridge

The 25 de Abril bridge is one of the most iconic monuments of Lisbon.

Carris Transport Museum

Old trams, buses and the history of Lisbon's public transport.

Necessidades Palace

Opulent residence of the Kings of the Braganza dynasty.

Fundação Oriente Museum

Portugal's long association with the orient on display.

Docas de Santo Amaro

In the vibrant landscape of 1990s Alcântara, the rejuvenated Docas de Santo Amaro emerged as a thriving hub, transforming old docks into a beloved nocturnal hotspot in Lisbon. Today, it stands as a go-to destination for evening revelry, offering a delightful mix of dining, drinks, and entertainment. These revamped dockland warehouses house an eclectic array of eateries, bars, and clubs, catering to a mature and discerning crowd seeking refined experiences away from the lively bustle of the Bairro Alto.

Moreover, Docas de Santo Amaro isn't just for nighttime fun; it's also an ideal spot for leisurely lunches and tranquil afternoons by the riverside. With prices that pleasantly surprise and enticing happy hour deals, the indulgence here won't break the bank.

For those seeking scenic routes, a picturesque half-hour stroll from Belém along the landscaped waterfront promenade provides a serene journey through lush, green spaces. Alternatively, hop on the train from Cais do Sodré for a quick five-minute ride, disembarking at Alcântara-Mar station to dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Docas de Santo Amaro.

714, 727, 732, 742, 751, 756. | 15E
Docas de Santo Amaro, Alcântara, 1399-012, Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 43′ 20.1″ N | 09° 08′ 21.6″ W | +351 289 896 070 |  Website | Facebook
Docas de Santo Amaro

Docas de Santo Amaro

Pillar 7 Experience (Experiência Pilar 7)

Experiência Pilar 7 (Pillar 7 Experience)


With this entrance ticket you can gain entry to the Pillar 7 Experience at your leisure. Book with confidence with FREE CANCELLATION Buy online before you arrive to avoid queues and have the convenience of the e-ticket on your phone…

Mad About Lisbon

This attraction was inaugurated in time for the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the 25th April Bridge in 2016. The Pillar 7 Experience in Alcântara is housed within a pillar of the great bridge. The tour excites all senses starting as you arrive with the constant "hum" of traffic above and the shudder of a passing train. Inside the exhibits follow the journey of the history of its construction. On show are the support cables which hold the bridge together. A panoramic elevator whisks you 80 metres up to the road level to a panoramic viewing platform that provides an unrivalled view of the city and the river. Utilising modern multimedia devices, the visit ends with an optional immersive virtual-reality experience of parts of the bridge that are inaccessible and a call at the PhotoBooth so you can record this unforgettable moment.
October to April Daily: 10h00 - 18h00, May to September: 10h00 - 20h00

Adult: €5.00, Concessionary: €3.50, Child 0-5: FREE, Lisbon Card Lisbon Card: FREE

Ponte 25 de Abril

River Tagus (Tejo)


Linha Cascais trains stop at the Alcantara-Mar train staion close by Timetable

Trains of Portugal Website
714, 727, 732, 751 or take the #15E (to Belém) tram from either Praça da Figueira or Praça do Comércio (Terreiro do Paço)
Contact Details
Pilar 7 da Ponte 25 de Abril, Avenida da Índia, 1349-028, Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 41' 59.7"N | 09° 10' 45.6"W | +351 211 117 880

Yellow Boat Tour

Santo Amaro Chapel (Capela do Alto de Santo Amaro)

The architectural and aesthetic appeal of this small 16th-century treasure is widely overlooked by travel guides and consequently receives few visitors. From its hilltop location, there are great views over the river and the bridge. The structure is in the Italianate Classical style. Its believed to be the creation of the Portuguese architect Diogo de Torralva (1500 — 1566). Its unusual seven-sided construction braved the 1755 earthquake and survived mostly unscathed. Founded way back in 1549, the lovely Santo Amaro Chapel certainly has an air of antiquity about it and seem somewhat out of place amongst the newer buildings that surround it.

Access to the main entrance is traditionally gained up a series of stairs, perhaps symbolic of Lisbon's acclaim for being the town of the seven hills. They would have been the final steps made by those on the Santo Amaro Procession that used to take place every 15th of January. The temple has three gates leading to a semicircular atrium that forms a porch. The lobby is entirely coated with azulejo tiles alluding to Santo Amaro. Since 1910 it has been classed a National Monument and has enjoyed some restoration. However, it still has to have graffiti tags removed from its outer walls and stairway regularly.

714, 727, 732, 742, 751, 756. | 15E | Tuesday - Sunday: 14h00 – 20h00, Monday: CLOSED | FREE
Calçada de Santo Amaro, Alto de Santo Amaro, Alcantâra, 1300 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 42′ 07.8″ N | 09° 10′ 57.0″ W | +351 213 143 399 | | Facebook

Capela do Alto de Santo Amaro

Capela do Alto de Santo Amaro

LX Factory

LX Factory

Lisbon Card


The LX Factory is one of Lisbon's coolest haunts. It's overflowing with trendy restaurants, bars, boutique shops and urban art. Old disused industrial spaces have found new life in the shadow of the Ponte de 25 Abril Bridge. Back in the ninteenth century the area was the most important weaving and textile companies (Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense) that dominated the Alcântara district. Following closure in the 1980's the area became a derelect wasteland until 2008 when new investiment transformed it into creative hub.

Today the LX Factory has a village-like feel and home to Lisbon's most creative minds. Weekends and evenings the area fills up with the in-crowd who like to hang-out in the eateries and cobbled streets. Sundays are a great day to visit and walk off your hangover exploring the weekly flea market.

Getting to the LX Factory

201, 714, 727,728, 729, 751
Alcântara Mar (Cascais Line)

Contact Details
103 Rua Rodrigues Faria, 1300-501, Lisbon.
38° 42' 10.0" N | 09° 10' 42.8" W


Pestana Palace Hotel

Pestana Palace Hotel ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Get the royal treatment and stay at one of Lisbon's most luxurious hotels. This 19th-century Palace is located uphill from the river. It has its own gardens that are, together with the hotel, are classified as National Monument. All salons are profusely decorated, with French-inspired details. The private quarters of the Marquises have been turned into beautiful and spacious suites. Here, likewise, works of art adorn the walls. Here too is elegant furniture from antique shops and luxury sofas. The view to the Tejo (Tagus) river or to the vast gardens of the Palace can be enjoyed from all royal suites.

54 Rua Jau, 1300-314, Lisboa, Portugal.
38º 42" 14.7' N | 09º 11"12.4' W

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Hotel Vila Galé Ópera

Hotel Vila Galé Ópera

This hotel is ideally situated close to transport links and some of Lisbon's most famous attractions. Close to the river's edge, by to the lively docks with its nightlife. Next to the Congress Centre and is practically under the mighty 24 de Abril bridge. The hotel Vila Galé Ópera was renovated in 2014, the modern decor is inspired by opera and many of its rooms offer an unparalleled view of the Tagus River. The hotel has an area for meetings and banquets, a spa with an indoor pool, gym, sauna, Turkish bath and massage rooms, a restaurant and a bar with live performances of opera two days a week.

Travessa Conde da Ponte, 1300-141, Lisboa, Portugal.
38º 42" 0.4' N | 09º 10" 50.6' W

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Olissippo Lapa Palace

Olissippo Lapa Palace ★ ★ ★ ★

Built in the 19th-century, this luxurious palace is nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Tagus River and presents guests with the ideal base for an unforgettable stay in Lisbon. Tucked away in the city's diplomatic quarter, Lapa Palace is set in a beautiful sub-tropical garden. Sunbathe on a lounger in the pool area or pay a visit to the Spa, where you can treat yourself to hours of relaxation in the sauna. Thanks to the palace's convenient location, central Lisbon is only a short drive away. Park your car for free on-site and indulge in fresh seafood at the restaurant. In the meantime, the concierge is happy to arrange various services for you, including the use of the VIP room facilities.

Rua do Pau da Bandeira 4, 1249-021, Lisboa, Portugal.
38º 42" 24.6' N | 09º 09" 49.8' W

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Restaurante Doca Peixe

Located on the Doca de Santo Amaro, this marvellous fish restaurant prides itself on serving only the freshest fish. Choose which fish you desire. It will be weighed, priced and cooked to your personal preference. An array of house specialities on the menu, including the obligatory Bacalhau. Also, there is Octopus 'Lagareiro' Style, Lobster Rice with Clams, Tuna Fish Steak with Sesame Seeds and Prawns Curry with Pineapple. For the meat-eaters, there is also steak options.

Daily: 12h30 – 15h00/19h00 – 00h00
Doca de Santo Amaro, 14 Armazém, Lisboa, Portugal..
38º 42' 01.5" N | 09º 10' 30.8" W | +351 213 973 565 | | Website | Facebook

Don Pomodoro

Italian & pizzeria with jovial staff. As with other restaurants on the docks, you're treated to a stunning view. The decor is well done if you wish to sit inside. The food is consistently good quality, portions are on the large size, yet the prices are not.

Daily: 12h00 – 02h00
Doca de Santo Amaro, 13 Armazém, Lisbon 1350-353, Portugal .
38º 42' 01.5" N | 09º 10' 30.8" W | +351 213 909 353

5 Oceanos

A great seafood restaurant on the Doca de Santo Amaro. It is renowned for freshness and the skill of cooking high-quality dishes and served within comfortable surroundings. Enjoy the catch of the day lovingly prepared in a way that enhances its natural characteristics.

Daily: 12h00 – 01h00
Doca de Santo Amaro, 12 Armazém, Lisbon 1350-353, Portugal .
38º 42' 01.5" N | 09º 10' 30.8" W | +351 213 978 015 | | Website | Facebook

Only 12.2km (7.6 miles) south of Lisbon Portela Airport Website


From the North take the A36 and !P7. The N6 runs through Alcântara West to East.
Latitude - 38º 42' 00.4" | Longitude - 09º 10" 50.6


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Urban train services (comboios urbanos) Alcântara Mar train station:
• Cascais/Cais do Sodré line Timetable

Trains of Portugal Website
There are no Metro lines that service Alcântara, however the Azul line goes to Cais do Sodré train station where you can connect with an Urban train (see above) to Alcântara Mar: Website
Carris bus routes to Belém from various areas around the city: Carris Website

• 201 - Linda-a-Velha - Cais Sodré: Timetable
• 714 - Praça da Figueira - Outurela: Timetable
• 727 - Estação - Roma-Areeiro - Restelo - Av. Descobertas: Timetable
• 728 - Restelo - Av. Descobertas - Portela / Av. Descobrimentos: Timetable
• 729 - B.º Padre Cruz - Algés: Timetable
• 751 - Estação Campolide - Linda-a-Velha: Timetable

• Tram 15E - Praça Figueira - Algés (Jardim) via Belém: Timetable