Estoril-Cascais Coast
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Estoril-Cascais Coast

Explore the enchanting Estoril-Cascais coastline, a gem known as the Portuguese Riviera, just a short distance from Lisbon. Recognized for its stunning beaches, charming towns, and rich history, this coastal stretch beckons travelers seeking sun, sea, and relaxation.

The Estoril-Cascais region boasts a fascinating blend of natural beauty and cultural allure. From the picturesque fishing village of Cascais to the glamorous resort town of Estoril, visitors are treated to a diverse array of experiences. Immerse yourself in the region's maritime heritage at the Cascais Marina or indulge in water sports along the pristine beaches.

As you stroll along the scenic promenades, discover quaint cafes, vibrant markets, and historic landmarks that reflect the area's interesting past. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply unwinding by the sea, the Estoril-Cascais coastline promises an unforgettable escape filled with sun-drenched days and unforgettable memories.


Esoril Cascais coast

Praia da Ribeira - Cascais

Discover the captivating Estoril-Cascais coastline, spanning over 30 kilometres (18 mi) west of Lisbon, offering an array of attractions for a memorable day trip or extended getaway. This sought-after destination has been enticing visitors for generations, encompassing the charming municipalities of Oeiras, Carcavelos, Estoril, and Cascais.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of pristine beaches dotted along the coastline, complete with excellent amenities, including restaurants, bars, and shops. Take leisurely walks or invigorating jogs along the picturesque seafront promenades that stretch for miles.

Accessing this coastal paradise is convenient, with regular train services operating out of Lisbon's Cais do Sodré station. Additionally, the N6 coastal highway, Avenida Marginal, offers a scenic drive along the coast, while an extensive network of bus routes provides easy access, including direct services from Lisbon airport. Whether for a day trip or a longer excursion, the Estoril-Cascais coastline promises unforgettable experiences and breathtaking vistas.


Formerly a suburban enclave to the west of Lisbon, Oeiras has long been a magnet for affluent residents and royalty alike, drawing them to its legendary history and picturesque landscapes. The legacy of the esteemed Marquis de Pombal, whose palace graces the district, adds to its allure, making it a must-visit destination. Here, where the pristine waters of the Tejo (Tagus) River converge with the Atlantic's briny currents, lies a coastal haven of sandy beaches, meticulously maintained and inviting for leisurely strolls. While swimming may not always be advisable because of its proximity to the city centre, the expanses of sand offer serenity and charm. Strewn along the coastline are ancient forts, evoking a medieval ambience and enriching the region's historical tapestry. Explore Oeiras and uncover its captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Paço de Arcos

East of Oeiras is the pleasant district of Paço de Arcos, best known for its sandy beaches. It has its own train station and sits alongside the N6 coastal road making it popular with day-trippers out of Lisbon. There is some history to the area and a few vestiges of a past fishing heritage.

Fornos da Cal
Remains of five lime kilns (Pt: Fornos da Cal), that date from the Middle Ages. The first reference to this set dates back to 1582 when the man in charge of the São Julião works hired brick-layers to make and bake lime in the ovens. For centuries, these ovens were an important economic activity in the area. Four of the kilns were levelled or integrated into surrounding properties, but one was obtained by the municipality in 1989. Archaeological digs began in 1994 and the kiln was opened to the public in September 2004. The kilns are classified as a property of public interest. | FREE
14 Rua dos Fornos, 2770-160, Oeiras, Portugal. | 38° 41' 40.2" N | 09° 17' 34.9" W

Parque dos Poetas (Poets’ Park)

This themed park celebrates the greatest Portuguese speaking literary figures. The wonderful Parque dos Poetas is a tranquil green space that has been tastefully landscaped and a showpiece for urban art from some of Portugal's leading sculptors. A series of gardens pay homage to an individual poet ranging from Renaissance poets such as Gil Vicente (1465–1537) and Luis de Camoes (1524–1580), as well as 20th-century masters Fernando Pessoa (1888–1935) and Miguel Torga (1907–1995). Rua Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras, Lisbon, 2780-379. | 38° 41' 59.9" | N 09° 18' 04.6" W


Forte de São João das Maias

Parque dos Poetas (Poets’ Park)

Parque dos Poetas (Poets’ Park)

Praia de Paço de Arcos

Praia de Paço de Arcos - Oeiras


Furthest east is the Praia Velha beach (also known as Praia dos Pescadores) is a short yet wide patch of sand leading onto a small marina where fishing boats bob up and down. A fountain just offshore gushes a geyser of water high into the air. | 38° 41' 35.2" | N 09° 17' 29.2" W

Beyond the marina the Praia de Paço de Arcos beach, (sometimes referred to as Praia Nova), starts as does the eastern end of the Passeio Marítimo de Oeiras (Paredão) coastal path. It's on this beach where most of the amenities can be found and most of the action. There's a great little beach café here which affords great views at sunset. | 38° 41' 25.6" N | 09° 17' 49.4" W

Starting at the small Forte de São João das Maias fort the Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras runs a kilometre or so west accompanied with the Passeio Marítimo de Oeiras along the way. The sands are well groomed by the local council and the beach is often utilised by players of beach sports. Although the waters are somewhat tame here and not often surfed. On the western end is the Marina de Oeiras and a plethora of amenities and yet another small fort and salt water swimming pools. | 38° 40' 45.5" | N 09° 18' 58.1" W

Palácio do Marquês de Pombal (Marquis of Pombal Palace)

The palatial home of the Marquês de Pombal is a National Monument and makes a great excursion when in Oeiras and the beach is not an option. The house and gardens are being continuously preserved and admired by a growing number of visitors who come here to marvel at this lesser-known attraction. The palace was built following the 1755 earthquake in the baroque and rococo styles that were a-la-mode at the time, under the direction of Carlos Mardel, a prestigious Hungarian architect.

The interior is an expression of the wealth and high status held by the Marquês de Pombal in the guise of its fine architectural style, decoration, paintings, statues, frescoes and azulejo tiles. The surrounding finely landscaped Rococo gardens are equally impressive. The gardens are richly decorated with rustic columns and gravel paving. The grounds include a cascade, a grotto, a pillar and a waterfall with semi-circular bowels.

As part of the estate, there are over 200 hectares of farmland and vineyards, a lasting vestige of the rural economy Oeiras enjoyed before being swallowed up by the outskirts of Lisbon. There is also an olive oil press and a fishing lodge that once brought the Marquis greater wealth.

FREE | Tuesday – Sunday: 10h00 – 18h00, Monday: CLOSED
Largo Marquês de Pombal 2784-540 Oeiras, Portugal. | 38° 41' 31.9" N | 09° 18' 50.9" W
Palácio do Marquês de Pombal (Marquis of Pombal Palace)

Palácio do Marquês de Pombal (Marquis of Pombal Palace)


Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos

Carcavelos snuggled along the Atlantic coastline, boasts expansive sandy shores where crashing waves beckon surfers and beach enthusiasts alike. A mere 20-minute drive from central Lisbon, it's a favourite haunt for families and day-trippers seeking sun-drenched escapades. Praia de Carcavelos, renowned as one of the longest beaches on the Estoril-Cascais coast, epitomises the town's allure, drawing visitors to its golden sands. While swimming conditions may vary because of strong currents, the picturesque backdrop of Forte de São Julião da Barra Fort adds to its charm. With a vibrant ambiance, Carcavelos buzzes with beachside activities like football, volleyball, and leisurely strolls along the scenic Passeio Marítimo de Oeiras (Paredão) coastal path. Nearby, a weekly market offers a treasure trove of eclectic finds, from bric-a-brac to locally crafted souvenirs, making Carcavelos a delightful destination for sun, sea, and leisurely pursuits. | Thursdays (except holidays): 08:00-14:00

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Carcavelos wines lost their prestigious status due to a string of unfortunate events. Phylloxera came to the area at the end of the 19th century and devastated an already dwindling industry. The urban spread of Lisbon saw many of the vineyards bulldozed to be replaced by apartments. Over the last few decades, this quirky fortified wine is experiencing a quiet comeback and new vines are now being planted. The recovery is sponsored by the Municipality of Oeiras and has privatised a winery in the area under the brand ‘Villa Oeiras’. Local grape varieties such as Arinto, Galego Dourado and Ratinho are the mainstay. The wine is fortified using Aguardente da Lourinhã, a fine Portuguese brandy before being aged in oak barrels and blended. A very small wine region that covers part of the municipalities of both Cascais and Oeiras. It produces a fortified wine known as “Vinho Generoso”. The Carcavelos wine gained fame in the 18th Century when the Marquês de Pombal owned a large vineyard and winery. The wine is high in alcohol content, topaz-coloured with a nutty aroma and slightly dry. It was popular with the Duke of Wellington’s officers during the Peninsular War. On record is the high price fetched for Carcavelos wine at Christie’s first-ever auction in London in 1769. The desirability of Carcavelos wine inspired many fakes and imitations.

Carcavelos wines lost their prestigious status due to a string of unfortunate events. Phylloxera came to the area at the end of the 19th century and devastated an already dwindling industry. The urban spread of Lisbon saw many of the vineyards bulldozed to be replaced by apartments. Over the last few decades, this quirky fortified wine is experiencing a quiet comeback and new vines are now being planted. The recovery is sponsored by the Municipality of Oeiras and has privatised a winery in the area under the brand ‘Villa Oeiras’. Local grape varieties such as Arinto, Galego Dourado and Ratinho are the mainstay. The wine is fortified using Aguardente da Lourinhã, a fine Portuguese brandy before being aged in oak barrels and blended.

Villa Oeiras - Adega Casal da Manteiga

Villa Oeiras - Adega Casal da Manteiga

Villa Oeiras
Rua da Mina, Estação Agronómica Nacional, Portugal.
38º 42' 16.0" N | 09º 19' 13,7" W | Website

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Forte da Cruz - Estoril

Forte da Cruz - Estoril

Estoril is generally thought of as Portugal's Riviera as it's been for centuries the haunt of royalty and Lisbon's well-to-do who built their second homes along this part of the coast. Estoril was home to not only the Portuguese monarchy but foreign royals displaced during the second world war. Estoril expanded rapidly from a humble fishing village to an exclusive resort. Estoril boasts some of the most luxurious hotels on the Lisbon coastline.

Estoril is also home to an airstrip for small planes, Europe's largest Casino, the Estoril Autodrome racetrack, world-class Golf courses, the Clube de Ténis do Estoril (which now hosts the Portuguese open), fine beaches, sea air, quality bars, fine fish restaurants and many other attractions. Estoril continues to attract increasing visitors year upon year. Estoril is also a draw for day-tripping Lisboetas who wish to escape the hubbub of city life and to catch some rays. [ More About ► ]

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Twenty-four kilometres (15 mi) west of Lisbon along the coast is the popular resort of Cascais. Its abundance of sporting and recreational facilities, shops and restaurants draws visitors from the capital. Great transport links make Cascais an equally a great day out and a base for your holiday. Cascais is a relaxed resort that offers something for everyone. The Serra de Sintra help shelter this stretch of the Costa Estoril from Atlantic winds keeping the temperatures temperate and the sea calm.

Cascais was once a fishing village. The old town retains much of its original charm with narrow streets, numerous eateries and an all together cosmopolitan feel. Its beaches appeal to sun worshipers of all ages, the marina brings the yachtsmen, on the more exposed coast the swell tempts the surfers, the restaurants lure those who want to try the catch of the day and the shops entice those looking for a memento to take home.
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Santa Maria Lighthouse - Cascais


Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson

Lisbon Surfaris is a small company active in nature and adventure tourism sector at one with nature. They are focused on delivering enriching experiences, having as a priority teaching small groups. So that the experience and attention given to every person can be as personalised as possible. Strategically situated at Carcavelos train station (store) and at Praia da Torre (surf school) for your convenience Lisbon Surfaris have the means and knowledge to take you to the most favourable place to practice the sport of your choice.

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Mountain Biking in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Lisbon

MTB in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

How about a mountain bike ride in beautiful Sintra-Cascais Natural Park? The breeze, the smell of the forest and the sea, the sound of nature, the healing views... We can immerse you into Sintra’s forest or ride along the Atlantic Ocean in Cascais. Whatever your mood and desire, we will create an experience to suit you. The duration of the activity is around 2hr. You will meet at the Cascais Routes Base for an introduction before starting your cycling adventure!. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park possesses extraordinary conditions for mountain biking. Your mountain biking guide will make sure you enjoy the magnificent trails no matter your ability level.

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Small group tour - The Beautiful Cascais

Small group tour - The Beautiful Cascais

Explore the highlights of Cascais on a small-group tour that brings together natural beauty, culture, and history to create a vibrant picture of Portugal perfect for visitors with limited time in the region. Plus, with a driver to navigate the coastal roads and a guide to lead you to the most authentic spots in the local villages, you can discover the easy-to-overlook treasures of the region.

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Palacio Estoril Hotel Golf & Spa

Palacio Estoril Hotel Golf & Spa ★★★★★

The five stars Palácio Estoril offers opulent interiors set in lush gardens with a golf course. Just 200 yards from the Congress Centre and from the Atlantic Ocean, it has four dining outlets and an Asian-inspired spa. Rooms at Palácio Estoril Hotel & Golf are spacious and warmly decorated. They are fitted with every comfort, including a spacious work area and a flat-screen TV. The marble bathroom includes luxury amenities. The Grill Four Seasons offers a selection of Portuguese and international specialities in a sophisticated atmosphere. Guests can also dine in style on the Bougainvillea Terrace. Bar Estoril was a favourite hang-out for spies during World War II. Today the Bar Estoril offers a charming, classical atmosphere where guests can enjoy a pleasant drink overlooking the poolside gardens. The Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Spa has a sauna and a Turkish bath. Massage and beauty sessions are available at the Banyan Tree Spa and Estoril Wellness Centre. Guests can enjoy complimentary access to the Banyan Tree Spa's indoor pool, hot tub and Turkish Bath.

Rua Particular, 2769-504 Estoril, Portugal.
38º 42' 18.7" N | 09º 23' 45.8" W

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Farol Hotel

Farol Hotel ★★★★

Situated in a picturesque area with a breathtaking view over the Atlantic, five minutes walk out of Cascais town, close to Cascais Fortress and Gandarinha Municipal Park. Hotel Farol offers thirty-three luxury stylish air-conditioned rooms overlooking the sea and an amazing garden, with a private balcony or terrace. All rooms are equipped with minibars, Cable TV, safes, wireless Internet access; private bathrooms feature a shower and jetted tub, bathrobes and slippers.

Farol Hotel, Av. Rei Humberto II de Italia 7, Cascais, 2750 800, Portugal.
38º 41' 25.2" N | 09º 25' 20" W | +351 214 823 490 |

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Hotel Inglaterra Charme & Boutique

Hotel Inglaterra Charme & Boutique ★★★★

Only a three-minute walk from the Convention Centre, the charming Inglaterra features a panoramic restaurant and a rooftop outdoor swimming pool complete with a classic car decorating the sun lounger area. Tamariz beach is a ten-minute stroll away, Poça Beach is only a five-minute walk. The centre of Cascais and all its amenities are just over a mile away. The hotel has recently been renovated by a Swedish decorator and now offers elegant rooms decorated in soft colours. The rooms offer views of Estoril and the Atlantic Ocean. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a flat-screen cable TV. Suites are themed by colour and have a street view. Some rooms have an extra TV in the bathroom.

There is also the option of a relaxing massage at a discount, which guests can enjoy in the state-of-the-art Spa located within a two-minute walk. Alternatively, guests can curl up in front of the living room's fireplace and enjoy the large TV screen. Hotel Inglaterra serves a scrummy variety of Portuguese and international cuisine in its spacious yet uniquely decorated restaurant, adorned with mannequins and several modern art pieces. Its adjoining terrace offers a pleasant setting to soak up some sun. There is a garden area with a small children's playground. Within easy reach is the Estoril Train Station which connects with Cais do Sodré in Lisbon, a short 20-minute train ride along the beautiful coastline.

Rua do Porto, 1, 2765- 271 Estoril, Portugal.
38º 42' 19.4" N | 09º 23' 42.7" W

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An excellent Chinese restaurant which serves genuine Guangdong cuisine in pleasant oriental style surroundings. The food is always excellently prepared and presented. The staff are very friendly, professional and helpful. The restaurant is attached to the front of the Casino and offers great views out to sea. The best Chinese cuisine in the Lisbon area if not infect the whole of Portugal, look out for their Peking Duck, absolutely delicious.

Wednesday - Sunday: 12h00 - 15h00/19h00 - 23h00, Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED
Casino Estoril, Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, Lisbon 2765-237, Portugal. | 38º 42' 23.5" N | 09º 23' 51.3" W
+351 214 667 270 | | Website | Facebook

O Pescador

Formerly a traditional fisherman's tavern, situated right in the heart of the Old Town between the sea and the fishmarket, O Pescador Restaurant is as famous for its wine cellar as it is for the delicious fresh seafood it serves. A talented chef prepares light, modern dishes with a delicate touch and a real understanding of flavour. Aided by the fact that, thanks to its marina location, Cascais offers some of the best fish and seafood available, freshly caught in the Atlantic waters offshore, there is a real emphasis on fresh ingredients and good quality which is guaranteed not to leave guests disappointed.

Try the Algarve oysters, full of the flavours of the sea, for a quality start to your meal. Other favourites include carpaccio of tuna and swordfish and octopus. Lobster, freshly handpicked from the lobster tank is a favourite for the main course. Try the red prawns tossed with coriander and thin slices of garlic or, for meat lovers, tenderloin steak in Dijon mustard sauce.

Monday - Saturday: 12h00 - 15h00/19h00 - 23h00, Sunday: CLOSED
10-B Rua das Flores, Cascais, 2750-348, Portugal. | 38º 41' 54" N | 09º 25' 9.1" W
+351 214 832 054 | | Website | Facebook

Jonas Bar

Jonas Bar

A pretty location on the boulevard which over looks the beach and 180º sea views. An ideal spot for a grilled fish lunch or just to wet your whistle. The fish is as fresh as possible and locally caught. Prices are very reasonable considering the amazing location.

Daily: 12h00 - 15h00/19h30 - 22h00
Passeio Marítimo do Estoril, Praia das Moitas, 2765-043 Estoril, Portugal. | 38º 42" 12.5' N | 09º 24" 12.3' W
+351 214 676 946 | Facebook

Only 21.6 miles (34.7km) west of Lisbon Portela Airport Website

From Lisbon join the A5 west.
Latitude - 38º 41' 49.1" | Longitude - 09º 25' 13.9"


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Urban train services (comboios urbanos) to Estoril:
• Cascais/Cais do Sodré line Timetable

Trains of Portugal Website

• Scott URB buses have a number of routes along the Costa do Estoril and Sintra: Scott URB Website