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QUAKE – The Lisbon Earthquake Experience

Immerse yourselves in an incredible journey back in time to 1755 to relive Lisbon's most dramatic and transformative event - the Lisbon Earthquake. As you traverse through 10 'groundbreaking' immersive rooms over 1.5 hours, you'll uncover the secrets of a lost Lisbon. Enjoy being at the heart of the action leading to a worldwide political, scientific and historical transformation. Learn about the city of Lisbon and about earthquakes through state-of-the-art simulators, video mapping and interactive and immersive technology. Save precious time and money by booking your visit online.



Quake Entrance

Visit Quake to learn about the seismic event that devastated Lisbon in 1755. Embarking on this immersive experience, you will walk through the streets of the lost city, re-visit the horrors and wonders of that era, and watch the drama unfold before you.

Get to know the heroes and villains from that time and enjoy being at the heart of the action that changed political, scientific and historical thinking, all around the world. With cutting-edge Earthquake Simulators, you will learn more about the origins of earthquakes and tsunamis and better understand why Lisbon was so affected in 1755.

Enter the world of modern seismology and the fascinating science of earthquakes. Learn how to be better prepared for these natural disasters through exhilarating and interactive exhibits. Walk the chaotic streets of medieval Lisbon and meet the inhabitants and relish the captivating architecture of a lost city.

Quake: Skip the line tickets


With this entrance ticket you can gain entry to the Quake: The Lisbon earthquake experience at your leisure. Book with confidence with FREE CANCELLATION Buy online before you arrive to avoid queues and have the convenience of the e-ticket on your phone…

After checking in at the Reception, you will wait for the beginning of the experience in a designated area - together with a maximum group of 19 people, so that each person can properly enjoy the visit. As the earthquake simulator is part of the experience, as well as other interactive stations that require a certain emotional maturity, the visit is not allowed to children under six years of age. Access to the simulator platform is not recommended to people who are pregnant, with reduced mobility or any other health conditions susceptible to the simulator's movements. We would also like to inform you that before the beginning of the experience, you may test your RFID bracelet in an interactive station designed exclusively for that purpose - a member of the staff will be present to accompany you. After these initial minutes, your experience will begin, and it will last approximately 1h 40min. Expect the unexpected!.

Mad About Lisbon
Daily: 10h00 - 18h00

Adult: €21.00, Concessionary: €19,00,

Getting To The Quake

201, 714, 727, 728, 729, 751
15E & 18E
Linha Cascais trains stop at the Belém Train Station from Cais do Sodré

Contact Details
39 Rua Cais da Alfândega Velha, 1300-598 Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 41' 49.2" N | 09° 11' 49.9" W

Reconstructed Medieval Lisbon Streets

Reconstructed Medieval Lisbon Streets