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Estrela & Lapa

In the 17th century, Lisbon expanded beyond its original boundaries, leading the affluent to seek refuge from the city's hustle and bustle by constructing lavish mansions and estates in a new district. Named after the former "Convent of Our Lady of the Star," this area boasts well-preserved mansions and palaces, with the remarkable Basílica da Estrela as its focal point.

Overlooking one of Lisbon's most exquisite gardens, the Jardim da Estrela, this district offers a serene retreat for locals seeking respite from the urban rush and visitors seeking scenic beauty. Positioned atop one of Lisbon's seven hills, the garden provides stunning vistas of the city's terracotta rooftops, the river, and the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. Conveniently located at the western end of the Tram #28 route, the Basilica serves as a convenient landmark for exploration.

As you descend from Estrela, you'll encounter Lapa, known as the "embassy quarter" for its plethora of diplomatic residences. Once an administrative district, Lapa officially merged with Estrela in 2012, continuing its historic charm and allure.

Top Attractions of Estrela & Lapa

Estrela Basilica

A massive baroque church which dominates the landscape

Estrela Gardens

A cultural centre containing a few of Pessoa's personal belongings

National Museum of Ancient Art

A 19th century museum which home to a vast array of historical art.

São Bento Palace

The home of the Portuguese parliament originally a 16th century monastery.

Casa Museu Fernando Pessoa

Casa Museu Fernando Pessoa

Casa Museu Fernando Pessoa

Casa Fernando Pessoa, located at number 16, Rua Coelho da Rocha, Campo de Ourique, holds significant historical value as the final residence of Portugal's renowned poet, Fernando Pessoa. For fifteen years, Pessoa inhabited the first-floor apartment, where visitors can now explore a meticulously reconstructed environment showcasing his life and work.

Within Casa Fernando Pessoa, guests can immerse themselves in Pessoa's world through a variety of exhibits, including his personal effects, a private collection of books and diaries, and a multimedia room. The public library specialises in global poetry, offering a wealth of literary inspiration. Additionally, the Casa hosts exhibitions featuring artists influenced by Pessoa, including the iconic portrait by Almada Negreiros.

Following the Lisbon Municipal Council's acquisition of the building in the late 1980s, extensive restoration efforts were undertaken to preserve this historic landmark. Officially inaugurated on the 30th of November 1993, on the anniversary of Pessoa's passing, Casa Fernando Pessoa has since welcomed visitors eager to delve into the poet's legacy. With its original facade and select rooms preserved, the Casa offers an authentic glimpse into Pessoa's world, ensuring his enduring influence is celebrated for generations to come.
709, 720, 738 | 25 & 28

Monday – Saturday: 10h00 – 18h00, Sunday: CLOSED
Adult: €3.00, Family ticket (up to a maximum of 2 adults): €8.00, Child under 6: FREE
OAP & Concessionary: €2.00, Lisbon Card Lisbon Card: 40%
Contact Details
16 Rua Coelho da Rocha, Campo de Ourique, 1250-088 Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 42′ 59.9″ N | 09° 09′ 44.9″ W
+351 213 913 270 | | Website

English cemetery (Cemitério dos Ingleses)

During King João IV's campaign to restore Portuguese sovereignty from Spain, he was desperate to win Catholic friends to help in his struggle. Failing in this search, he instead sought help from Portugal's oldest ally, the English. At which time was governed by Oliver Cromwell´s English Republic, a very Protestant regime. In 1654 a treaty was signed that permitted English traders the right to use their own bibles, install a Protestant chaplain in Lisbon and allow their dead to be buried in Portugal. Previously Protestants who passed away in Portugal had been buried in coastal sands during low tide since burial was not permitted on Catholic soil.

However, the Inquisition put a block on this until 1717, when a suitable plot close to Lisbon was finally leased. It was originally called the "St. George's Cemetery" after England's patron saint. Ever since the Acts of Union of Great Britain was signed in 1707, the cemetery became available to all non-Roman Catholic British Nationals. Found amongst the cypresses are the tombs of Henry Fielding, author of Tom Jones. It's rumoured that several unmarked graves belong to British soldiers who fell during the Peninsular War against Napoleon. Here too are rows of Commonwealth War Graves, commemorating servicemen who perished in the Lisbon area during WWII. Found too on the grounds is an attractive Victorian styled Anglican church. Today this walled cemetery offers a tranquil respite and peaceful spot to allow oneself a quiet moment.
709, 720, 738 | 25 & 28

Monday to Friday: 10h30 – 13h00, Sunday 11h00 – 13h00

Contact Details
6 Rua de São Jorge, 1250-235 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 56′ 46.5″ N | 09° 12′ 24.5″ W | +351 932 101 805
Cemitério dos Ingleses (British cemetery)

Cemitério dos Ingleses (British cemetery)

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Puppet Museum (Museu da Marioneta)

Museu da Marioneta
Museu da Marioneta

Puppet Museum (Museu da Marioneta)

Nestled within the historic confines of a 17th-century convent, the Museu da Marioneta stands as a testament to the enchanting world of puppetry. Since its inauguration as a museum in November 2001, this captivating institution has been dedicated to showcasing the rich history, diverse techniques, and global allure of puppetry artistry.

Step inside and embark on a mesmerising journey through the museum's extensive collection, which encompasses puppets of various manipulation techniques, alongside masks and props sourced from cultures spanning the globe. While the museum proudly champions the legacy of Portuguese puppetry, its exhibits also feature treasures from distant lands such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burma, and beyond.

A highlight of the Museu da Marioneta is the renowned collection of African and Asian puppets generously donated by collector Francisco Capelo in 2008. These exquisite artefacts offer a fascinating glimpse into the cultural tapestry of distant lands.

Besides its permanent displays, the museum hosts a dynamic array of rotating exhibitions, ensuring that each visit promises a fresh and engaging experience. Perfect for a family outing, the Museu da Marioneta welcomes visitors to explore its wonders free of charge every Sunday morning. Discover the magic of puppetry and ignite your imagination at this captivating cultural gem.
706, 713, 714, 727 | 25 & 28

Tuesday – Sunday: 10h00 – 13h00/14h00 – 18h00, Monday: CLOSED
Adult: €5.00, Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children): €13.00, Child, OAP & Concessionary: €3.00.

Lisbon Card Lisbon Card: 40%

Contact Details
146 Rua da Esperança, 1200-660 Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 43′ 00.0″ N | 09° 10′ 00.0″ W
+351 213 942 810 | | Website


Estrela Penthouse

Estrela Penthouse (Apartment)

Estrela Penthouse - amazing Views offers accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning, a shared lounge and a terrace. With river views, this accommodation features a patio. Boasting a DVD player, the apartment has a kitchen with a dishwasher, a microwave and a fridge, a living room with a seating area and a dining area, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms with a bidet and a shower. A flat-screen TV with cable channels is available.

Travessa Oliveira à Estrela 19, 5º Dto, Estrela, 1200-667 Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 43" 00.1' N | 09º 07" 59.8' W

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9 Hotel Mercy

Lisbon Cheese & Wine Suites (Guesthouse)

Located in the trendy Santos district in Lisbon, Lisbon Cheese & Wine Suites offers a unique experience in elegant and carefully decorated accommodation. Free WiFi is available at this guesthouse. Each of the guest house's rooms includes an en suite bathroom, air conditioning and high-quality amenities. A delicious breakfast is included in the rate and is served every morning. In the vicinity, guests will find a variety of traditional Portuguese restaurants. There is also plenty of bars where guests can relax and enjoy a beverage in the evening. Major city attractions like Chiado, Bairro Alto, Principe Real and Cais do Sodré are within 0.9 miles.

Calçada do Marquês de Abrantes, N40, RC, Estrela, 1200-719 Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 43" 00.1' N | 09º 07" 59.9' W

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Olissippo Lapa Palace

Olissippo Lapa Palace ★ ★ ★ ★

Build in the 19th-century this luxurious palace is nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Tagus River and presents guests with the ideal base for an unforgettable stay in Lisbon. Tucked away in the city's diplomatic quarter, Lapa Palace is set in a beautiful sub-tropical garden. Sunbathe on a lounger in the pool area or pay a visit to the Spa, where you can treat yourself to hours of relaxation in the sauna. Thanks to the palace's convenient location, central Lisbon is only a short drive away. Park your car for free on-site and indulge in fresh seafood at the restaurant. In the meantime, the concierge is happy to arrange various services for you, including the use of the VIP room facilities.

Rua do Pau da Bandeira 4, 1249-021, Lisboa, Portugal.
38º 42" 24.6' N | 09º 09"49.8' W

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LOCO Restaurante

LOCO Restaurante

This quirky Michelin star establishment is not the largest restaurant in Lisbon, but it's certainly in contention for being one of the best. Its 22 seats surround an open planned kitchen where Chef Alexandre Silva and his team apply their art and the full-sized tree inside is a nod to their organic philosophy. There are only two choices on the menu, one is the 18-course taster menu and the other is similar with the addition of cheese courses. Each course or "moment" pays homage to local and seasonal produce that takes all your senses on a gastronomic journey. The wines are sourced mainly from small boutique producers of lesser-known locally sourced wines. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. They are more than happy to explain each course served. It's advised to book well in advance as LOCO is very popular and rightfully so.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10h00 – 19h00, Monday: CLOSED
53-B Rua dos Navegantes, 1200-730 Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 42' 44.5" N | 09º 09' 38.1" W | +351 213 951 861 | | Website | Facebook

Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa

Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa

Although named after the eggy sweet from Aveiro, the Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa bakery offers sweets and pastries from all over Portugal. Highlighting the traditions which originate from Franciscan and Dominican Nunneries, their extensive menu is a treasure trove of delight, from "Encharcada" to "Fidalgo", from "Pastel de Tentúgal" to "Toucinho do Céu", as well as a great selection of craft ice creams. The service is typically friendly. Standards are constant over all of their branches.

Tuesday to Sunday: 11h30 – 19h30, Monday: CLOSED
140-142 Calçada da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 42' 47.9" N | 09º 09' 32.2" W | +351 918 116 513 | | Website

O Lavrador

O Lavrador

A traditional churrasqueira or BBQ grill serving simple yet amazingly tasty grilled meat and fish, as the steady stream of locals who frequent this establishment would testify. No bells or whistles, just good ol' fashioned grub at a reasonable price. Portions are generous, as are the welcoming smiles which greet you at the door. Look out for their "secretos do porco" - pork chops and grilled chicken.

Tuesday to Sunday: 11h00 – 23h00, Monday: CLOSED
140-142 Calçada da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 42' 46.5" N | 09º 09' 30.4" W | +351 21 396 1807

Only 5.3 miles (8.5km) south of Lisbon Portela Airport Website

Get on the 2nd Circular/E1 from Av. Berlim and after 3km take the Campo Grande, Av. da República/Av. República, Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo and Av. Álvares Cabral to Praça da Estrela.
Latitude - 38° 42′ 59.9″ | Longitude - 09° 09′ 44.9″


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Urban train services (comboios urbanos) to Santos train station one mile South from the centre of Estrela:
• Cascais/Cais do Sodré line Timetable

Trains of Portugal Website
The nearest metro station is a 15 minute walk along the Avenida Álvares Cabra from Rato: Website
Carris bus routes to Belém from various areas around the city: Carris Website
• 706: Cais Sodré - Estação Sta. Apolónia: Timetable
• 709: Restauradores - Campo Ourique (Prazeres): Timetable
• 713: Alameda D. A. Henriques - Estação Campolide: Timetable
• 714: Pç. Figueira - Outurela: Timetable
• 720: Picheleira, R. Dr. Faria Vasconcelos - Alto Sto. Amaro: Timetable
• 727: Estação Roma-Areeiro - Restelo, Av. Descobertas: Timetable
• 738: Qta. Barros - Alto Sto. Amaro: Timetable
• 25E: Pç. Figueira - Campo Ourique (Prazeres): Timetable
• 28E: Praça Martim Moniz - Campo Ourique (Prazeres): Timetable