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Orient Museum (MUSEU DO ORIENTE)

The Orient Museum is located in an iconic building from the 1940s on the riverfront in the Alcântara west of central Lisbon. It's a leading cultural establishment incorporating a fascinating museum, performance venue, conference centre, and leisure spaces amongst others. Its mission is to chart the historic relationship between Portugal and its trading partners in Asia and the orient. The museum opened its doors for the first time in 2008 after a €30 million investment programme to convert this fine former warehouse into a world-class venue. The Oriente Museum is organised around two collections:

Oriente Museum

Traditional Japanese Costume – Orient Museum

Portuguese Presence in Asia

The first floor is dedicated to the history of Portugal's trade routes to the far east and its relationship with the countries of the Orient and former colonies. Celebrating the time when Portugal had a global empire and a great trading nation. Portugal was the first European country to reach the Far East and over centuries it played a pioneering role in the globalisation that began with the discoveries. See how cultures and ideas crossed over. The array of valuable exhibits includes 17th and 18th-century Chinese and Japanese screens, Namban art, ceramics bearing the coat of arms of the Companhia das Índias and a collection dedicated to Timor culture. There's an interesting collection of ancient maps and charts used by Portuguese navigators.

Gods of Asia

On the second floor, the Gods of Asia collection offers an unparalleled record of the popular performing arts and major mythologies and religions of Asia - from Turkey to Japan. The collection is one of the most important of its type in Europe and contains over 13,000 items. Items on display include puppets, masks, paintings, ritual objects, lanterns, dragons, games and statues.

The Kwok On Collection was created by French sinologist Jacques Pimpaneau from an ensemble of about 600 objects given to him in 1971 by Kwok On, a Chinese banker he met in Hong Kong while teaching at the Chinese University. Kwok On was passionate about the various aspects of Chinese theatre.

The Oriente Museum also has temporary exhibitions areas and a multiuse space that will host a diversified range of cultural activities, including music, dance, theatre performances, films and puppet shows. If you have worked up a healthy appitite head for the restaurant on the top floor that serves great asian food. On the ground level is the museum shop.

Tuesday – Sunday: 10h00 – 18h00, Monday: CLOSED

Adult: €6.00, Concessionary: 2.50, Child under 12: FREE Lisbon Card Lisbon Card: -20%

Getting to the Orient Museum

712, 714, 728, 732, 738
15E, 18E
Linha Cascais trains stop at the Belém Train Station from Cais do Sodré

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Avenida Brasília, Doca de Alcântara Norte, 1350-362 Lisbon, Portugal.
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Oriente Museum