Estrela Gardens
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Estrela Gardens (Jardim da Estrela)

Take some time out from exploring Lisbon's treasures and relax inside the green oasis that is the Estrela Gardens. Located on the opposite side of the street from the Basilica is one of the most delightful parks in Lisbon. Popular with people of all ages the Estrela Gardens is a tranquil space where you can go to unwind and relax. There's a small lake overlooked by a café, several other kiosks, and a children's play area. The Estrela Gardens are easy to get to, trams 25 and 28 will take you right there from the centre of the city.


Guardadora de Patos

Guardadora de Patos - Estrela Gardens

The garden span over four hectares of land and is open every day from 07h00 until midnight. The gardens are well maintained and landscaped with a myriad of exotic plants, flower beds, a small lake full of waterfowl and carp, shaded and open spaces that are frequented by families at weekends. There's a café alongside the lake that is an excellent spot to enjoy a coffee and a pastry whilst watching the ducks. Within the Estrela gardens, you can also find several fountains such as the Fonte da Vida (Fountain of Life) and O Cavador (The Digger). There are also various distinctive sculptures in the park, look out for the one of a farmer, created in 1913 by Costa Mota. A statue called O Despertar represents a naked female carved from marble by Simões de Almeida. Standing in the lake is the Guardadora de Patos (keeper of the ducks), carved from limestone representing a character from a children's story. There are also a couple of busts memorialising actors and poets such as Silva Taborda, Antero de Quental and João de Deus.

Humans are not the only visitors to the park, peacocks and some parakeets can be found along the canopied winding paths. There's a children's playground to keep the little ones amused. On weekends the Estrela Gardens hosts a craft fair where you can pick up a special novelty to take home.


Construction of the park began in 1842 as a space for residents to enjoy and chill out. The governor of Lisbon, António Bernardo da Costa Cabral, realised the need for a public park in the densely populated city. Landscaping the grounds took a long time due to the outbreak of war and financial difficulties during the mid-19th century. The park finally opened to the public in 1873 and carried the title of Jardim Guerra Junqueiro in honour of poet and politician Gerra Junqueiro, a key figure in the establishment of the republic in 1910. Due to its close proximity to the basilica, the park was colloquially known as Jardim da Estrela and over time its official name was dropped. For some time a resident lion delighted visitors from his cage. A 19th-century iron green bandstand is a stage for musicians who perform here during the summer months. The bandstand has stood near the top end of the park since 1936 but when it was first built it stood on the Avenida da Liberdade.

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Bandstand - Estrela Gardens

Bandstand - Estrela Gardens

Estrela Gardens
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Largo da Estrela, 1200-667, Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 42' 53.9" N | 09° 09' 33.1" W


Urban train services (comboios urbanos) to Santos train station one mile South from the centre of Estrela:
• Cascais/Cais do Sodré line Timetable

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The nearest metro station is a 15 minute walk along the Avenida Álvares Cabra from Rato:
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