Conceição Velha Church
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Conceição Velha Church

Explore the timeless beauty and rich history of the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha, nestled in the heart of Lisbon's historic district. Dating back to the 16th century, this charming church is a testament to Lisbon's architectural splendour and religious heritage. Dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the church's stunning façade and intricate interior features showcase exquisite Manueline and Baroque elements.

Step inside to admire the ornate altarpiece, intricate azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles), and beautiful stained glass windows, reflecting the church's centuries-old craftsmanship and devotion to religious art. As you explore this sacred sanctuary, immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere and learn about the church's fascinating history, from its construction to its significance in Lisbon's cultural landscape.

Located near iconic landmarks such as the Lisbon Cathedral and the historic Alfama neighbourhood, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha is a must-visit destination for tourists seeking to experience the rich cultural heritage of Lisbon. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious, a visit to this enchanting church promises a memorable journey through Lisbon's spiritual and architectural treasures.

ABOUT Conceição Velha Church

Conceição Velha Church - Interior

Conceição Velha Church - Interior

Discover the Conceição Velha Church, a fascinating blend of architectural styles nestled near Praça do Comércio in Lisbon's Alfama district. Admire the Manueline façade, adorned with intricate motifs including angels, armillary spheres, and the cross of the Order of Christ, alongside images of nobles like D. Manuel I and D. Leonor.

Step inside the church, rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake, to marvel at its serene interior, featuring a single nave and a stucco ceiling. Although smaller than its original size, the church exudes a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for reflection and admiration.

Don't miss the funeral chapel of Simoa Godinha, a 16th-century aristocrat known for championing the rights of slaves in the Portuguese empire. Pay homage to history at the statue of Our Lady of Restelo, once prayed to by explorers Vasco da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral.

Recently restored, this historic landmark offers visitors a glimpse into Lisbon's rich past and architectural grandeur, making it a must-visit destination for tourists seeking cultural exploration.
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Getting to the Conceição Velha Church

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha - Exterior