Lisbons Kiosks
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Lisbons Kiosks (Quiosques)

Experience Lisbon's iconic kiosks, a blend of style and history scattered across the city's squares and parks. Dating back to the 19th century, these gazebo-like structures boast Art nouveau design, with the first one opening in Rossio Square in 1869. Originally serving wine and beer, they later offered traditional snacks like fried fish, catering to dock workers and elites alike. After falling into disrepair during the mid-20th century, a revival led by Lisboeta Catarina Portas has brought them back to life. Renovated originals and replica kiosks now dot the city, offering a glimpse into Lisbon's past while serving as vibrant hubs for locals and tourists alike.

What to order at a Quiosque

Lisbons Kiosks (Quiosques)
Every kiosk has the staple offerings of coffee, beers, fruit juices, sangria, wine and cocktails. Standard food options are sandwiches, sweet and savoury pastries and maybe pizzas. As well as the resurrection of the kiosks certain old recipes have been revived. Keep an eye out for the following for an authentic Lisboeta experience:
• Capilé: A cordial made from the syrup of maidenhair and orange blossom essence mixed with water.
• Carioca de Limao: A tea/infusion made with lemon peel.
• Empada: A snack sized pies made from chicken or beef
• Ginja/ginjinha: A sour cherry liquor popular within the Lisbon area sometimes served in dark chocolate cups
• Groselha: A red currant refreshment
• Leite Perfumado: Milk flavoured with cinnamon, lemon and sugar
• Licor Beirão: Probably Portugal's most famous aromatic liquor made from a secret blend of herbs best drank with an ice cube.
• Limonada Fresca: Homemade lemonade
• Mazagrã: A cold, sweetened coffee drink originating from North Africa
• Orchata: A soft drink made from almonds, sugar, and water
• Pastel de Nata: Lisbon's world famous custard tart
• Poncha: A sweet punch-like drink from the island of Madeira made from distilled sugar cane and flavoured with fruit juice

Alfama & Eastern Lisbon

Quiosque Clara Clara

Campo de Santa Clara

Quiosque Clara Clara | 734, 797

In the heart of the Jardim Botto Machado park, (also known as Campo de Santa Clara), the kiosk Quiosque Clara Clara is situated within a tranquil location. The park is opposite the National Pantheon and a short stroll from Santa Apolónia station. The kiosk is popular with families as the playground keeps the little ones occupied. Quiosque Clara Clara offers a broad range of reasonably priced snacks, pastries and beverages. On Saturdays and Tuesday's the Feira da Ladra flea market is held nearby.

Daily: 10h00 – 19h00
Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-475 Lisbon, Portugal.
38° 42' 57.4" N | 09° 07' 26.7" W
+351 218 850 172 | Website

Quiosque Popular, Jardim da Cerca Graça


Quiosque Popular | 734, 797 28E

Located between the districts of Graça and Mouraria on a hillside terrace. Offering a great view of the castle and city views below. The garden Jardim da Cerca Graça was created in 2015 as part of a larger scheme to regenerate the area. There areas for a picnic and a playground for the young ones. Since opening the large kiosk here plays an indispensable part of the area. It serves cold soups, sandwiches, toast, beverages and the cake of the day.

Daily: 07h30 – 22h00
Calçada do Monte 46, 1100-362 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 43' 02.3" N | 09° 07' 55.4" W
+351 215 887 423

Quiosque Popular, Jardim da Cerca Graça

Largo de Sé

Quiosque Lisboa | 737 12E, 28E

The small square in front of Lisbon's cathedral is in a prime position for a spot of people watching. Here you can enjoy delights ranging from finger foods, toasts, pastries, hot and cold beverages and even a glass of port or ginginha. The ding-ding of Lisbon's old trams accompany your refreshment as they trundle past. Buses stop here and tuk-tuk drivers apply their trade. Considering the vast amount of tourists who use the kiosk, the prices and quality remain excellent value. Space is limited and vacant seats can be hard to come by.
Daily: 08h30 – 22h00
Calçada do Monte 46, 1100-362 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 42' 34.7" N | 09° 08' 01.0" W
+351 213 958 329 | Website

Quiosque Portas do Sol

Quiosque Portas do Sol

Portas do Sol

The Miradouro das Portas do Sol viewpoint stands on the summit of a hill lies a feast for the eyes and your camera, overlooking east over the red-tiled houses of the Alfama district below. On the opposite hill, you can see the São Vicente de Fora monastery and the St. Vincent Monastery, from where the landscape cascades down to the river Tejo where berthed cruise ships await. This balcony is overlooked by the statue of Lisbon's patron saint St. Vincent who is clutching a boat and two ravens, the heraldic symbols of the city.

The Quiosque Portas do Sol is probably one of the picturesque kiosks in Lisbon and tends to be very busy throughout the day. They serve a selection of fruit juices, beers, wine, cocktails and coffee, that is freshly brewed. They also offer a range of wraps if you're feeling peckish. | 737 12E, 28E

Daily: 09h00 – 00h00
Largo Portas do Sol, Lisboa, 1100-411, Portugal. | 38° 42' 43.8 N | 09° 07' 48.7" W
+351 213 958 329 | Website

Bairo Alto

Quiosque Príncipe Real

Jardim do Principe Real

Quiosque Príncipe Real | 202, 758, 773 24E

Located on a corner of the Jardim do Principe Real, this kiosk is most popular early evenings. Many patrons use the kiosk as the first port of call on a night out in the Bairo Alto. As such, there's a good choice of wines, spirits, liqueurs and beer on the menu. There's plenty of soft drinks and hot beverages on the menu too. Typical petiscos (finger food) and light snacks are also available.
Daily: 07h00 – 22h00
Praça do Príncipe Real, 1250-301 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 42' 58.5" N | 09° 08' 52.1" W
+351 213 428 334

Wine Inn Studio

Jardim do Principe Real

Quiosque Lisboa | 202, 228, 758, 773 24E

There is a second kiosk located on the opposite corner of the Príncipe Real garden. The kiosk is a great spot to rest after visiting either the farmer's market or the craft market that is held here each week. There is a wide selection of small eats and drinks available on the menu.

Daily: 08h30 – 22h00
Praça do Príncipe Real, 1350-007 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 43' 02.1" N | 09° 09' 00.1" W
+351 218 285 407 | Website

Praça das Flores

Praça das Flores

Quiosque Lisboa | 228, 773

One of Lisbon's smallest kiosks and situated in a quiet spot on the Praça das Flores. The menu contains traditional Lisbon drinks and light meals.

Daily: 08h30 – 19h00
Praça das Flores, 1200 192 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 42' 34.7" N | 09° 08' 01.0" W
+351 218 285 407 | Website

Quiosque Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

The Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara terrace offers one of the best panoramas over Lisbon overlooking the Baixa district. On the opposite hill is the Alfama and Lisbon's castle. Here is a wonderfully manicured garden complete with a water fountain, busts of heroes and gods from antiquity, such as Minerva and Ulysses. The terrace is located close to the top of the Gloria Funicular and is one of the most frequented of Lisbon's viewpoints.

Here too you will find a welcomed little kiosk café, ideal to rest tired feet, enjoy a cold one and take in the breathtaking view. The Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara is a great place to start your trip to Lisbon and find your bearings. There is a useful map pinpointing the noteworthy landmarks. When the sun is setting the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara becomes a romantic destination for couples. After dark, especially on weekends, the viewpoint takes on a party atmosphere. | 202, 758, 773, 24E

Sunday – Thursday: 10h00 – 21h00, Friday & Saturday: 10h00 – 02h00
Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara, Lisboa, 1200-470, Portugal | 38° 42' 55.1" N | 09° 08' 39.4" W


Quiosque Hot Dog Lovers

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque Hot Dog Lovers | 706, 709 Avenida

The Hot Dog Lovers company was started in 1986 and on the Avenida da Liberdade since 2010. Their boast of making the best hot dogs in Lisbon is a bold one, yet their artisan dogs are extremely good and worth bragging about. There are seven variations to choose from, including a vegetarian option. There are also other tasty morsels on the menu. The cabins location on the Avenida da Liberdade is ideal and makes a great pitstop if passing by.

Daily: 10h00 – 02h30
Av. da Liberdade 238B, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 43' 23.9" N | 09° 08' 52.9" W
+351 925 628 556 | Website

Quiosque Popular, Jardim da Cerca Graça

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo
207, 711, 732, 736, 746, 783 Avenida

Another great kiosk on the Avenida da Liberdade is the place that claims to serve the best chocolate cake in the world. Their claim might sound ambitious but their signature chocolate cake is scrumptious and is well worth treating yourself. The company were established in 1983 and has a presence on the avenue since 2011. There's also a selection of savoury options such as tortillas, toasted sandwiches and croissants. There's also a full range of hot and cold beverages available too. Important football matches are shown on a TV screen and there are occasional DJ sets during the summer.
Week: 09h00 – 02h00, Weekends: 10h00 – 02h00
Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa, 1250-145, Portugal.
38° 43' 01.9" N | 09° 08' 34.5" W
+351 919 299 242

Quiosque Popular, Jardim da Cerca Graça

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque Banana Café
207, 709, 711, 732, 736, 746, 783 Restauradores

There are two Banana Café kiosks on the Avenida da Liberdade, this one stands under a leafy canopy on the Avenida da Liberdade close to the Praça dos Restauradores. Both kiosks serve freshly squeezed juices, quiches, creative salads, pies and toasted sandwiches. Occasionally there is live music and dancing. The atmosphere is always relaxed and unpretentious.

Daily: 10h00 – 21h00
13 Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa, 1150-048, Portugal.
38° 42' 34.7" N | 09° 08' 01.0" W
+351 213 026 160

Quiosque Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

Ribeira das Naus Quiosque

Ribeira das Naus is the quayside area between the Praça do Comércio and the Cais do Sodré train station. The views over the river and the bridge beyond make an ideal spot to take a break, sip a lemonade, cocktail or beer, and take in the atmosphere. No surprises then that this kiosk can get crowded. There's usually a hum of activity and live music during the weekends and evenings. During the day, the terrace is a sun trap and a great spot for sunbathing. During the even, it's a perfect spot to watch the sunset. On the menu, there is a selection of pizzas, sandwiches and sweet pastries. | 201, 202, 758, 782, Cais do Sodré

Week: 12h00 – 22h00, Weekends: 10h00 – 13h00
5 Avenida Ribeira das Naus, Lisboa, Lisboa, 1200-000, Portugal. | 38° 42' 19.6" N | 09° 08' 29.1" W
+351 917 427 013

Yellow Bus Tour

Chiado & West Lisbon

Jardim de Roque Gameiro

Jardim de Roque Gameiro

Quiosque Cais do Sodré
201, 202, 206, 207, 208, 735, 736, 758, 781, 782
Cais do Sodré

The area around Cais de Sodré is a transport hub where a train station servicing the Cascais Line, half a dozen bus stops, a ferry port and the jetty for hop-on hop-off boat tours. In the centre of the area, the Jardim de Roque Gameiro is a landscaped square open on one end to the river that provides impressive views and a refreshing breeze. The kiosk attracts tourists and commuters alike. There's a wide selection of snacks and meals on the menu for considering this kiosk as a lunch destination. In addition to the usual selection of pizzas, pies, sandwiches and croissants, there are healthier options such as açaí bowls or yoghurt with granola.

Sunday – Wednesday: 08h00 – 21h00, Thursday – Saturday: 08h00 – 00h00
Jardim de Roque Gameiro, 1200-161 Lisboa, Portugal | 38° 42' 19.9" N | 09° 08' 36.7" W
+351 212 441 347

Quiosque Praça de São Paulo

Praça de São Paulo

Quiosque Praça de São Paulo | 714, 774 25E

This small forgotten-looking square is home to the Igreja de São Paulo church. It was rebuilt in the 18th century following the 1755 earthquake and is renowned for its 3D effect painted ceilings. The kiosk in the square is one of Lisbon's original art nouveau constructions. It was restored in 2013 and reopened. It is a great place to sample Lisbon’s traditional gastronomy, rarely found in restaurants or cafés. These include pork sandwiches, fried squid sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, octopus salad, spicy lupini beans, and coffee with ginjinha, capilé and the red currant drink groselha.

Daily: 09h00 – 23h00
Praça de São Paulo, Lisboa 1200-429, Portugal.
38° 42' 27.8" N | 09° 08' 41.4" W

Praça das Flores

Jardim Dom Luis I

Quiosque do Cais | 228, 773

The Jardim Dom Luis is a green area outside the Time Out Market close to the Cais de Sodré train station. In the centre, is the statue of the Marquis Sa da Bandeira and to one side is a bright red kiosk. When the tables and chairs around a kiosk are full of people on a sunny day, that is a good sign. When they are still full on an overcast or rainy day… then you can be sure the place is a real success story. That is the case at the red kiosk on Praça Dom Luís – which now has the name Quiosque do Cais – making it a leading candidate for the city’s best. This kiosk popular with families, kids take full advantage of the adjoining playground.

What the food lacks in sophistication, it makes up in choice and good value. There's a full range of croissants, toasted sandwiches, pizzas, piadinas and salads on the menu. For the early evening crowd who come here before a night out, there's a good selection of wines, spirits, sangria and beer available too.
Week: 13h00 – 22h00, Weekend: 10h30 – 22h30
Praça Dom Luís I, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal.
38° 42' 26.2" N 09° 08' 47.7" W
+351 213 471 144

Quiosque do Carmo

Largo do Carmo

This small square has tranquillity that betrays its turbulent past. Its Pombaline buildings and the 18th-century fountain were built to replace the devastated buildings which crumbled during the 1755 earthquake. Left unrestored as a monument to the tragedy, the ruins of the Carmo Convent is located on the north side. In the heart of the square is the delightful fountain of (Chafariz do) Carmo. It was erected here in 1796. The Jacarandas trees occupying the perimeter come from South America. During May and June, they bathe the square in beautiful purple blossoms.

Quiosque do Carmo
There is an extensive café and bar menu. The star of the menu is the nicely cooked seafood risotto, octopus and cod. The desserts are great to share, such as the parfait, pudding and gâteau. The Quiosque do Carmo is also a great location to start an evening with a delicious sangria, port beer or wine.

Daily: 11h00 – 02h00
1 Largo do Carmo, 1200-092 Lisboa, Portugal. | 38° 42' 41.9" N | 09° 08' 26.2" W
+351 916 348 056